Unit 16 (grade 10)

Unit 16 ‐ Project 5 ‐ Final Project (2 of 3)     
Unit 16 ‐ Project 5 ‐ Final Project (2 of 3)
Unit 16 ‐ Project 5 ‐ Final Project (2 of 3)

Overall Goal: I will demonstrate an understanding of the safe and correct use of construction tools, equipment, and techniques.

Specific Goals:

  • I can explain how to correctly and safely use, maintain, and store construction tools and equipment (e.g., hammers, measuring instruments, table saws, mitre saws, drills, lathes, cordless drills);
  • I can select the most appropriate tools or equipment for specific tasks (e.g., wooden mallet versus framing hammer, crosscut saw versus rip saw, combination square versus framing square).

Overall Goal: I can use tools, equipment, and techniques correctly and safely when preparing materials for a project.

Specific Goals:

  • I can use tools, equipment, and techniques in a correct, efficient, and safe manner to prepare project materials (e.g., dress raw lumber; measure, cut, and square stock; drill; fasten and join);
  • I can perform the various measurements required in the fabrication and assembly of a project, using appropriate metric and imperial units.

Overall Goal: I will use fabrication and assembly techniques safely, accurately, and in the correct sequence.

Specific Goals:

  • I can construct projects in accordance with specifications (e.g., sketches, working drawings, lists of materials);
  • I can fabricate and/or assemble project components in a logical and efficient sequence (e.g., select appropriate materials and tools, follow step-by-step instructions);
  • I can 3 apply appropriate quality-control measures to ensure precise dimensions and correct assembly (e.g., accurate cuts, clean joints, true edges).

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